CBS in a Nutshell  

CBS - Business Management System

CBS - Business Management System for PC, LAN or available by web 24x7.

The full-function Compass Business Suite [CBS] delivers all the benefits of an industrial strength database without needing technical people to install or look after it.

CBS is a modern, user-friendly information system that gives business users total control over their Human Resources, Relationship with external parties, Assets, Work, Communications and Planning activities.

It features a broad range of management functions such as:

  • Stakeholder Communication
  • e-Surveys
  • Integrated Business Planning and Tasking
  • Corporate Memory
  • Skills Audit
  • Performance Management
  • Case Management
  • Work Scheduling
  • Productivity Rostering
  • Asset Management
  • Document Management
  • Workflow
  • other Operational Process Control activities
It supports an organisational culture oriented toward cutting costs, improving effectiveness, building revenue and creating a happier staff environment.

To personally test drive our Business Planning and Strategy Development software [COMPASS ISSUES], simply call us on +61 2 9880 8877 and use the system over the internet.

OR if your business unit would like to trial CBS LAN, our ONLINE Implementation Process can get you up and running in just two days.

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002-SO-060114 CBS has been designed and developed for our parent company, IBDC Advisory Services Pty Limited, management consultants. IBDC uses CBS for its clients and provides implementation and training services.